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Prussiani Engineering designs and engineers top quality CNC bridge saw machines for the processing of marble, granite and stone.

Our product line includes numerous automatic bridge saw models all equipped with our patented “CUT & MOVE” system.

You receive the most efficient and high-tech CNC bridge saws available today plus a 3 year complete warranty & free lifetime technical support.

Patented Cut & Move Technology

5 Year Complete Warranty

Our Champion product line is the flagship of our automatic bridge saw line and offers a full range of robust 5 axis CNC saws. Each model has different options available to suit your needs including speed of production.

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Champion 5 Series CNC Bridge Saw Features

Hydraulic Tilting Table – Easy Loading of Slabs
Digital Camera – Capturing a Picture of the Slab
Slab Rendering – Automatic Detection of the Slab Dimensions
Cuts Management – Placement of .DFX Shapes to be Cut on the Slab
Slab Feeding – Automatic Feeding of Material to the Cutting Table
Blade Probe – Automatic Measurement of the Blade Diameter
Slab Thickness Probing – Electronic Thickness Reading Allows for Compensation of Material Thickness Variance
Mitered Cuts – Automatic Inclination of the Cutting Blade at Any Degree
Separation Cuts – Separate L-Shaped Cuts Using Core Bit Attachment
Rod Cutting Unit – Automatic Rod Cutting Unit
Washing Cycle – Washes the Stone to Clean and Ensure Proper Contact
Patented Cut & Move System – Automatic Movement of Pieces to Reduce Waste and Increase Operator Efficiency
Curved Cuts – Five Axis Interpolation Allows for Curved and Inclined Cuts

Built to Last with Superior Components
Best warranty in the Industry – 3 OR 5 YEAR WARRANTY For Mechanical, Electric & Electronic Components.
Training and Service Center Centrally Located in St. Louis
Free Lifetime Technical Support
Easy to Use Software – Program the Next Job as the Machine is Cutting
One Software for CNC Saws and CNC Work Centers

Comparable to Baca Systems Robo SawJet – Contact us to compare features and learn why Prussiani Champion Series is the leading CNC Bridge Saw on the market today.

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Call us today! (314) 533-6500

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