• Learn about how Prussiani’s software automates repetitive tasks, saves time, and boosts your shop’s efficiency.
  • Discover how Prussiani can customize an automated stone fabrication machine to your shop’s unique needs.
  • See how Prussiani makes it possible for every shop to become automated and highly efficient.  It’s really a “no brainer” once you have the details!

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Customer Stories

Awesome Business Partner

"Prussiani has always been an awesome business partner. Great salespeople, great technicians. Your machinery is top quality."

Eric Wilber Ancient Art Stone Milford, DE

Second to None

"The Prussiani team should be very proud of this machine. The entire configuration is second to none for high capacity production."

Matt Scarsella (Proud Owner of a Champion 5 NT+CA)
Tile & Stone Works
Shelby, MI

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“In early 2016, we obtained two Champion Plus 700s to aid in carving the stone. At the time, we were looking into used machines, since again, our budget was tight. However, Mario offered us an unbeatable price on two new machines with full three-year warranties. These extra machines have been indispensable in continuing the fabrication of stone for our monastery.” "CNC machines are significantly faster than hand carving. They also allow us to carve incredible three-dimensional pieces. Since all of the design is done in a computer in advance, you can tweak and change the design over and over again until it is perfect — before you ever place the piece on the CNC."

Brother Gabriel Marie
Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Meeteetse, WY

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