3 Axis CNC Sink Hole Machines

Packing all of the quality and performance of a complete CNC router into a smaller space without a sizable price tag.

The Prussiani TORNADO, our 3 axis CNC sink cutting and polishing machine with auto-tool change is an innovative, high production full CNC controlled router is designed for the flawless cutting and polishing of kitchen sinks and vanity bowls. There is no finer CNC sink cut out machine available.

  • Interfaced with our intuitive CAD / CAM software.

  • Quick work piece positioning thanks to the Quickzero™ reference system.

  • Perfect polish due to the always true surface reference created by “ALS”.

  • Easy to program and operate requiring only one day of training.

  • Automatic Locking System (ALS) of work piece in place (no suction cups).
  • Hard center-line arrow to quickly locate the cut out location.
  • Eliminates risk of oil stains on marble slabs by using EP1 density grease.
  • Easy and lowered maintenance planning controlled and guided by CNC.

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TORNADO Sink Hole Machine